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Nair demonstration 2968

January 13, 2018

Under the high patronage of Mr. Wali of Adrar and the supervision of the Municipal People’s Assembly of the municipality of Tamnett, the Association for the Revival of the Heritage of Tamnett revived the 2968th of January under the slogan “January Authenticity and Heritage”, on Saturday January 13, 2018 AD, when it organized a rich program on the occasion, and the association aimed through this activity to :
1- Highlighting the Twatian Tamentitian heritage through the customs and traditions of the region.
2- Highlighting the importance and role of the Heritage Society in preserving tangible and intangible heritage.
3- Draw the attention of the official authorities to the importance of our heritage and the necessity of their contribution to preserving it.
We have tried through the following program to achieve the previous objectives
- We first made an inspection visit to the traditional house restored by the association in Kasbah Awlad Ali Bin Musa, as it is considered a symbolic beginning for the restoration of the palace and then all the palaces of Tamentit.
Visiting the association’s headquarters, which is located in another house that was renovated by members of the association with simple and special capabilities, in which the association’s role in preserving the cultural heritage and intangible heritage was highlighted.
– Then, a visit to the exhibition on traditional crafts held in the Tev Aghi Palace (meaning better than milk), in which several associations from Tamentit Palace, Boufadi, Noumnas, and Tsafout participated…..and this is in order to highlight the role of traditional industry and its place in the palace and heritage in general.
Then, the official celebration of the occasion began, which was animated by Sayed Ahmed Akermi, where the ceremony was opened by
1- Clear verses from the Wise Quran.
2- Then the national anthem.
3- Speech of the President of the Association
4- Speech of the President of the Municipal People's Assembly.
5- The speech of the head of the department and the announcement of the official opening of the demonstration.
6 - Dr. Banathman Abdel Rahman from the University of Adrar and an intervention entitled the Amazigh walls in the Tawat region.
Then, the performances held on the occasion began, which were in the following order:
1- A demonstration of the brass band in Tamentit.
2- A performance by Al-Hadra Sheikh Sidi Omar Band in Tamentit.
3- The Garqabou Ensemble of Titaf Palace.
4- The Cavalry Division of Ahmed Taymi's Sons Palace.
5- The Tuiza Ensemble of Zawiyat Kenta Palace.
6- Tsfaot Palace Troupe.
7- The gunpowder squad, Sheikh Omar Tamentit.
In the end, the honors started with the governor of the state, who was present through his high sponsorship of this program, then the Municipal People's Assembly for planning, as well as the executive directorates, which are the Directorate of Tourism and the Directorate of Culture, as well as all participants from associations and media professionals.
The association will be present in the near future with greater activity. Thanks are extended to everyone who organized with us and contributed to the success of this event.


January 13, 2018