Patrimoine Tamentit
جار التحميل
All about the association

All about the association

Identification of the area

Tamtit is considered one of the ancient Zanatian palaces, and this appears from its name. The name Tamtit is not Arabic, but rather in the Zanata language, and they are the ancient inhabitants of the region, and it means in Arabic the eyebrow and the eye. Tamtit is one of the ancient and ancient palaces in southern Algeria and is considered an area of great historical importance as it was the capital of Touat in the past and was a crossing and station for trade caravans and its commercial activity made it attract many tribes to settle in it as it is a multi-ethnic city where righteous people, Arabs, Jews, negroes and others lived there Multicultural and craftsmanship Many manuscripts mention that Tamtit embraced more than 360 craftsmen.

Association history

 The association was established in 2009, when it was established by a group of young university students who were passionate and interested in the heritage and history of the region. The beginnings of the activity were limited to the Tamtit area, where it was represented by collecting some historical information and archaeological purposes such as manuscripts, pots, and various items used in the past. Among these purposes, the association formed a museum that represents various Aspects of the heritage of the Tantit and Touat region in general.

Introducing the association

The Association for the Revival of the Heritage of Tamtit is a youth organization concerned with protecting the heritage of the Tawat region in general and Tamtit in particular. The association aims mainly to value the tangible and intangible heritage and to contribute to making it an economic resource and an effective element in the economic and social field, by promoting it in tourism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the name Tamentit?
The name Tamtit is not Arabic, but rather it is in the language of the Zanata, who are the ancient inhabitants of the region, and means in Arabic the eyebrow and the eye.
Can researchers come to the area?
Yes, one of the most important activities that the association focuses on is accompanying researchers and historians interested in the history and culture of the region.
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